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Protect Section 101

Section 101 and Alice prevent people from obtaining patents on abstract ideas. Overhauling, or even tweaking, this framework would create confusion for innovators and restrict the flexibility needed to accommodate future innovation.

Learn more about how Section 101 & Alice helped these startups:

Bitmovin knows good patents are valuable to innovators, and knows a very weak patent when it sees one—and was able to avoid an expensive lawsuit over a bad patent thanks to Alice.

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Playsaurus avoided litigation threatened by a patent troll by pointing out that, after Alice, you cannot patent buying and using tokens in a video game.

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Cloudflare used 101 and Alice to get a troll case dismissed early, so it could continue offering and improving its web optimization and security services.

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Startups are Soaring Across the Nation

Since the Supreme Court’s 2014 decision in Alice v. CLS Bank, which confirmed that patents can be issued for actual inventions but not for abstract ideas, startups have thrived, venture capital investment has reached an all-time high, and startup hubs are spreading across the country.

Venture capital investment has risen steadily since Alice was decided in 2014. Between 2014 and 2018, investment grew 84%, and in 2018 VC investors deployed an all-time high of approximately $131 billion in the U.S. This growth dispels any concern that Alice reduced VC funding or harmed innovation.

Startups are thriving not just in Silicon Valley but across the country. Between 2014 and 2016, the years immediately following Alice, areas outside the top 35 metro areas accounted for almost half of net new startups.

Driving Innovation and Protecting Startups
With more than half a million patent applications filed each year, a few low quality patents sometimes get approved. Reforms like IPR and Alice help ensure patent quality.
Patent Quality is Essential to the State of Innovation
IPR and the Alice Decision make it easier for startups to operate so they can invest their resources on innovation instead of pricey litigation.
Protecting Big Ideas – Mapbox
See firsthand how recent patent reforms are protecting startups like Mapbox.
Successful Patent Reforms – Vimeo
IPR and the Alice decision help startups like Vimeo push back against trolls so they can innovate without fear.
Less Litigation Means More Innovation – Cloudflare
Startups across America are receiving demand letters. Find out how they can fight back.
Patents spur innovation – Bitmovin
Startups like Bitmovin should spend valuable resources developing new technologies instead of on pricey patent litigation.
Innovation Toolkit for Startups – Patreon
What's the most important thing the Patent Office could do to protect patent quality? Nothing. Find out why.
For Protecting Patents and Preserving Innovation, Thank You.
Thanks to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and IPR, Americans can continue innovating, creating, experimenting, and solving problems.
#FixPatents Explainer
Protect job-creating businesses from patent trolls. Keep Inter Partes Review strong.
Alice and IPR Protect Innovation
Abstract patents stifle innovation with heavy legal and financial burdens. Alice and IPR give startups the tools they need to curb this weight and get ahead of litigation.


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